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The Story of Us

Many of you know of or about my fiance and second shooter extraordinaire here at Cat Alkire Photography, Miles, but since our recent engagement many have asked the details on our love story, our engagement story and just general information about the wedding. So I have decided to write a blog post so anyone who wants to can read and share in our excitement while I share some intimate details about our love! 

How it All Started

I am sure that some of you remember the good old days of MySpace. Back before everyone could have a Facebook, people used MySpace as their social media outlet.  One day in early 2008, I commented on a celebrity's page about the upcoming election, meanwhile at the same time Miles was also leaving a comment of the same celebrity's page, regarding the election as well.  Who was this celebrity? Why Zach Braff of course. Miles saw my comment and decided to send me a message.  I responded! Which turned into countless days and nights of chatting back and forth via MySpace which then turned into phone calls that lasted into the wee hours of the morning.  We had so much in common, shared so many passions and just enjoyed talking.  Neither of us were trying to meet anyone but it just happened.  However I was in Indiana and he was in Florida, with that being said things weren't always easy and we talked on and off of 3 years before we met.

And then we met...


After talking on and off for years and always having the thought of Miles in the back of my head I knew that I needed to meet him.  I knew that I needed to know if this was something or if I should move on.  And I knew I wouldn't be able to do so without meeting him.  In April 2011 I took a trip down to Tampa for mine and a friend at the time's birthday.  We met for the first time on April 21, 2011.  I was so nervous getting ready in our hotel room as I knew he would be there any moment to pick us up for a Tampa Bay Ray's game.  We met, I wore a ridiculous Notre Dame hat to break the ice (we always fight over college football, so it seemed appropriate at the time). Throughout the trip we hung out and got more comfortable with each other, we had our first kiss on my birthday (April 25) in Largo Park. There was music playing, it was in front of a fountain, in a beautiful ocean climate... it is stuff romantic comedies are made of.  The trip came to an end and we didn't know where to go from there, the fact remained that he was in Florida and I was in Indiana.  But after talking for a week or two after the trip we knew that we needed to make it work.  May 14, 2011 we made it official that we were together. Long distance relationships are hard. Really hard.  Talking on the phone every night just doesn't cut it.  I made another trip down there, he made a few up here and he decided that he wanted to be back in the Midwest and decided he would move here!!!  And he did, September 26, 2011 - the end of our long distance relationship and the start of our lives together! We fell even more in love, became comfortable with one another and then became each others best friend. We traveled together, lived together, loved together and just had fun together!

He had a plan....


After dating for 3 years, talking and planning our future together, Miles starting putting a plan in motion.  He knows how important my family is to me, especially my dad (certified Daddy's girl here).  So, he wanted to ask my dad for my hand in marriage, however he also knows that my dad CANNOT keep a secret to save his life.  He is the town gossip.  Rather than asking him a day or week before he planned to propose, he asked him in July when we had my family over for a cookout at our apartment.  My dad was thrilled and of course couldn't keep a secret.  But that was okay, because I still would have no idea when to expect the proposal.  After that, my Mom gave us a generous and beautiful gift of offering one of her rings from my dad as our engagement ring. We accepted and the rest was a waiting game (and me planning in my head every which way he could possibly propose down to the last detail)

The Proposal...

It was a really chilly day in October (the 29th to be exact) and we decided to go to Kercher Farms apple orchard in Goshen.  Goshen is one of our favorite places here.  The apple orchard is also one of the VERY FIRST places that we went when he moved here.  It has always been special to us.  And we always look back fondly on that first fall he was here.  It was so cold and gloomy with beautiful fall colors, just the way I like it, as we were walking around the orchard.  We were talking, trying to spot the very few apples on the trees to pick.  He went into a different row of trees, while I was still hunting for some Golden Delicious apples in another row.  He said "Hey, there are some good ones over here.." so I, not suspecting a thing went over to get those apples.  But when I turned to the row I saw him down on his knee and he said "This is a good one right here..." I of course was shocked and said "what are you doing?!!!" And then he asked me to marry him. And I said YES!!!!!! With smiles from ear to ear we purchased our apples and went to our favorite little diner, South Side Soda Shop, had some lunch, some shakes and some more smiles as I looked down at the new ring on my finger.  We called his mom on our way home and told her the news first.  We then went to my sister Christinas, told her, got my mom and dad over to tell them and celebrated over dinner, Three Floyds and family.  It was perfect! And I LOVE my ring.   I am a sentimental women, so wearing my mother's ring means more to me than any other ring would have.  It's perfect. It's all PERFECT!

The Wedding...

So many are asking about our wedding plans and the truth is we know very little but I will share what we know! It will be spring of 2016, most likely May. As wedding photographers we book so far in advance that planning a 2015 wedding with the 10+ weddings I have booked for 2015 wouldn't be fair to my lovely clients, or my own wedding.  It will be in the best city in the US, Chicago (unless we decide to elope to the best city in the world, Paris) It will be small and intimate with our closest family and friends.  It will be a cocktail party, with mingling, no stuffy sit down dinner.  We want to engage with our family and friends and enjoy the day and evening not worried about a timeline of traditional reception events.  All we know is that we want it centered around love and family. And Christina wants in on a rooftop, which is a strong possibility. So get ready to hear all about it when we start planning, because I finally get to plan a wedding of my own!!! 

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