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Juanita & Garrett | Married | Goshen, Indiana Wedding Photographer

Juanita & Garrett
October 17, 2015 | Goshen, Indiana
Yellowcreek Mennonite Church

Where do I even being in writing this blog post?! What an absolute honor it was to capture Juanita and Garrett's wedding day.  I felt from the moment I first met these two at our first meeting at Starbucks that they were perfect together.  And once I photographed their engagement session, my feelings were solidified. THEN I photographed their wedding and all of it was set it stone.  These two love so perfectly, effortlessly and adoringly.  The way they look at each other, the way they talk with each other, it's all so easy. Which made them a DREAM to photograph.  I didn't have to direct much, they just go with it, do what they feel, and it's all so natural! Plus, the fall leaves were absolutely PERFECT. My day was made! The day started and ended so quickly, but it was packed full of love, tears, laughter and true joy for the couple! So happy to have gotten to know these two! Enjoy the photos!! 

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