Meet the Photographers

South Bend Wedding Photographer

Welcome! I am so excited you are here and so happy that you and your new hubby-to- be are engaged and planning the wedding of your dreams! CONGRATULATIONS!!

I am Cat and I have been photographing weddings with my husband Miles since 2010. There is nothing better than working everyday with your best friend. Marriage is such a beautiful blessing, you’re going to LOVE it. We are both suckers for love and enjoy capturing our brides and grooms unique love stories through all those pretty little details you so painstakingly planned. And I hope that by the end of your experience, we can grab a coffee or lunch because we feel like friends when the wedding day is over!

I know that there are so many options for brides, from the flowers to the cake and to all those little details - which can be so tough to navigate! My goal as a wedding photographer is to not only provide you with the best wedding day experience and timeless images, but to also help provide you with the knowledge I have of vendors, timelines and everything in between. I am totally a resource to you during this process!

I want to give you the complete peace of mind that I will be there to capture all those special moments on your wedding day as well as all of the little details (which I love) as little as they may seem.  Wedding days FLY by and after the I do's are said, the cake is eaten, and the dancing is over, all you will have left are the photographs to look back on.  I want to make sure that our photos are family heirlooms that can be passed down to generations of family.

So are you ready to grab a coffee and chat about why you want to share your man’s last name?